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Granite State Arts Academy

The theatre at Granite State Arts Academy is a nice intimate black box in a 3/4 thrust configuration. There is seating for 125.

The room on the whole is 55' wide and 32' deep.  The upstage traveler can be closed to afford a backstage area about 6'6" deep, leaving a performing area 16' deep and 32' wide. There can be entrances through the traveler at center, right, and left.  With the traveler open, there's almost 23' deep from the risers to the cyc on the back wall and still 32' wide.  It is recommended not to open the traveler quite all the way as this allows the right and left seating sections to see the back stage doorways.

There is 9'8.5" of height from the deck to the overhead steel trusses.  The lights hang from them, and are mostly out of the way (over the lowest riser level), but some are over the stage right now as seen in the photos.  There's also a large metal pipe feeding the building's sprinkler system as a main line that's directly overhead on the center-line, and about 10" lower than the steel beams.

Also, the drawings show a set of double doors in the upstage wall that ultimately were never done due to fire code expenses.  The double doors to the hallways on backstage left measure 4'6" wide by 6'11" high. The other 3 entrances to the theatre measure 2'8" wide by 6'11" high.